Love i need – Looking for love?

Love is a basic need we all share and we all need to be loved. We decided to try and put some sense to the crazy world of online dating and try to help the lonely ones to find the love they need.

It’s not easy, finding the other half. Especially if you are shy or suffer from low self esteem from one reason or another. But keep in mind that there are millions just like you searching for thier soul mates and all you need is a place (like this) where you can find them.

Love i need, love, i need or love i need! anyway you read it the meaning is the same – you need love much like the rest of us.

What you can expect to find on Love i Need?

  • Love – Your other half, soul mate, the one you’ve been waiting for your entire life.
  • Excitement – A good enough reason to wake up in the morning.
  • Fun – We’ll make sure the process is fun, unlike other websites.

Love i Need (I need love) is your ultimate love portal featuring only quality people so you will find what you need which is love!

Match making is not an easy business, but its certainly a profitable one. People are willing to pay a lot of money just to find their soul mate. The spending and wasting of good money for unnecessary websites who believe they can help you in your journey for your lost love is a shame. Love is (still) free and so should the search for it be.

If you got burned from dating websites, feel free to drop us a line here and tell the world about it. If you are single and looking for love, or if you are in between or looking for a change – you got to the right place.

We charge absolutely nothing and demand nothing from you – we just want to help!

We appreciate your support and telling people about us – we want to be the best and help more and more people.