Search For Love

The Search For True Love Begins With Yourself

Love is definitely a word that boggles the mind of mankind, especially when one looks for it. Women seem to be especially susceptible to feeling the need to find a better half. Meanwhile, some men may reciprocate this feeling but I believe majority are still a shot away from it.

I cannot count the number of times people spotlight their need for a life partner. This neediness only highlights an act that may reflect desperation due to their vulnerability for love. Yes, this is something that people are subject to experience at least once in their lifetime, but it is an unattractive characteristic that should be veered away from.

The contents of this writing will exhibit another limelight that might just change the game for you. Here are a few points that you might undergo when you stop actively looking for love:

Less Stress

Dating can be very exhausting. Yes, it can be fun, but being your best and spirited self and trying to impress the person across you can be draining at one point or another. But if you steer your focus away from the end game—whether that’s kids, meeting the parents, or even a kiss—you halt the system’s manipulation, and you can savor each moment for what it is.

More of You

You hedge focus to yourself and how you can improve not just for the sake of other people, but for your own good and personal growth. People are attracted to those who are at the peak of their lives, and you’ll automatically draw people in without even trying.

Less Desperation

What’s good about this is people will see less desperation and more of you. This is not an impeachment of anyone’s actions, but people are quick to judge, especially to those who seek a degree of romantic attachment. There’s a limit to this, too, whether or not you mean there to be—and while it’s frustrating to find out that minute you stop looking available, people are going to be tricked into wanting you. In all ways, the frustration doesn’t make it less true.

More Awareness

The search for love can make you overlook the good things in life—when you stop actively looking for love, you become aware of the opportunities surrounding you. Live might not have all the boxes that you have on your imaginary checklist. If your vision is directed towards hopes on someone who won’t even come close to materializing, you might want to catch a break. Not only will you miss all other people who come along and might surprise you, you also give away the chances of meeting your perfect match.