Buckets of Love

Just last year, I had the chance to tour with my band as we were lucky enough to get an offer from an acknowledged record label. It was good money for me, plus I get to enjoy what I really love—and that is to play music. I didn’t earn boatloads of cash. It was more than enough to get me by, and at the same time purchase a few luxuries for myself once in a while.


During a trip to Los Angeles, we were slowed down by poor weather. News reports of poor visibility and heavy rainfall would break out anytime soon, which led us to the decision of stopping to the nearest rest stop and bunk inside the bus.


We stopped at a gas station that’s adjacent to a few restaurants. I hadn’t had anything to eat that day, so I headed to one of the diners to grab a bite to eat. I didn’t have anyone to accompany me that time, so I went in solo.


The typical American diner offered me coffee while I was browsing the menu. Not a lot of people were there that time as it was the middle of the night. The ones there are probably staying in due to the inclement weather that was about to come.


I ordered a good old burger with fries. I have a thing for trying out burgers in different states. Whether it’s a high-class restaurant or a fairly decent diner like this one, I always have the urge to try out my all-time favorite dish despite the long list of delicacies that I’d probably be better off ordering.


It didn’t take long before I told the waitress that I’d be ordering the burger. A side of fries and a cold soda complements any burger so I added that to the list as well.


While waiting for my food to arrive, I noticed a woman sitting alone across me. I was in a movie cliché. All the elements are here. There’s the diner, the lone musician, empty seats, and of course, the girl.


It didn’t take long for me before our eyes met. As much as I want to say that I’m a confident guy, the fact that I play my guitar in front of hundreds of people doesn’t really help me in this situation. I continue to bet on the chances a girl would walk up and talk to me, and this time, I had my fingers crossed the whole time.


She had short mercury-red hair, wore preppy clothes but did it in a rebellious way. I don’t know how she pulled that off, but I was out of words. She had a dainty nose, rapture-brown eyes, and mesmerizing lips. The calm before the storm allowed the moons to shine its delicate light on her. Again, I was out of words.


I stared at her. It was her and me. My heart was pounding heavily. I had never felt anything like this. I see plenty of women, but none possess aura like she did.


I was sweating buckets. I was a few minutes away from imploding. I wanted to talk to her badly. I was pulling myself together. And then our eyes locked.


Talking to women isn’t really my cup of tea. I have better chances of winning a million bucks with my Redbet Casino bonus credits. But there she was, looking at me with her hypnotizing eyes. I think I showed too much of my nervousness that night as I saw her giggle when I was wiping my forehead. It was a cold night, but my pores say otherwise. I think news forgot to mention that the heavy rainfall would be coming out of me that night.


She walked up to me, asked if I the seat across me was free, and there I was grinning from ear to ear. This was probably the longest and shortest 3 hours of my life. We were able to talk about everything within that short amount of time, but knew I wanted to say more.


We said our goodbyes after the most unforgettable 3 hours of my life, but right before she left, I had one thing in mind. I can never let this girl go without ever trying. As I shook myself to a near coma, I was able to ask her for her number. She replied with 10 digits. I was ecstatic.


I kept in touch with her during our tour. I’d spend all night talking to her, end even composing letters for silly postcards that I sent her. After a few months, I finally had time for myself and went on to visit her.


Long story short, it ended happily ever after.