Essential Oils for Love? How Essential Oils Helped Me

This is a totally random topic and maybe a “first world problems” tier but I’m really head over heels with this guy. So I’ve been dating this guy for 8 months now. So far, things are going steady. But of course, my insecurities are getting the best out of me. I’ve been getting anxious whenever he’s hanging out in my flat. I always feel like my flat smells like sweat or dirty laundry and that I don’t smell it anymore since I’m immune to my own scent (yes. I’m one of those people who have these kinds of fears). So I bought those hanging dehumidifier bags and I feel like it really doesn’t do anything.


I resorted to using essential oils and somehow it seems more effective for me. For me, a tea candle diffuser is enough. Even if it’s not lit up, I can still smell the faint smell of my essential oil and it seems natural. I must admit, I garnered a huge haul of confidence in inviting the guy I’m dating over at my flat after doing this. Call this overreaction but the stuff really helped me boost my confidence in love and myself somehow.


I’ve tried the rose absolute oil since this is the best selling essential oil on Amazon. I also tried a bunch of essential oils from the brands’ site and some of them are pretty good. If you are wondering where to get essential oils like the ones I have, then just look around at Mall of Cosmetics or Amazon because those where my usual essential oils shopping source. Aside from these online stores, it is also great if you can get your products straight from the brand’s site.


Anyways, using essential oils for my flat not only gave me chances of having a successful love. But it also helps me in relieving myself from the stress and tension.