Finding the Root of Love and Embracing the Cliche

The common concept of “love” is the act of giving affection to that special someone. However, this is not always the case. I’m really glad to have found someone I can truly say I love and make me feel good about it. My past relationships before him end in bitter and somewhat sour terms. And no, it’s not because of some petty reasons like cheating or anything. I always end them because I always end up thinking about myself as a hindrance for their goals. I also hate the fact that I feel frozen in time (in a bad way) feeling bad about myself and how I screw things up.

Back then, I didn’t believe about things like destiny. But when I met him, everything that I believed to be cliché and cheesy just seemed logical. It’s true when they say that you’ll know if the person in front of you is the one. Everything suddenly changes, and even your long-term goals suddenly get rummaged by the images of you and him/her.

You may think that our story is all sweet and dandy. But it actually shares its own pain and heartbreaks. Like when I first confessed my feeling to him. He bluntly rejected me simply because he does not want any low-quality relationships. At first, I hated his guts and my pride took over. It took me awhile to digest what he meant. But he told me that I need to learn how to love and see myself clearly first before loving someone. I could’ve sworn that was the cheesiest line I’ve ever heard. But he meant it and I felt his words reach my inner self. We became good friends first then we finally started dating.

It’s really great how he slowly fixes my whole life without even realizing it. Everything is organic and all we have are genuine feelings for each other. When we started dating, I also started paying attention with my well being. Before I met him I have very low regard when it comes makeup and all that girly things because I always felt ugly. Now, I make sure that everything’s in place. Skin care, hair care, makeup, and even lip treatment. And the most important part of it all: I now have confidence in myself.