Finding Your Soulmate in A Stranger

As a woman, we all feel special when there’s someone to love us who we can also love back. Five years ago, I was still the cynical girl that does not even believe in love. Who needs it when you’ve got loads of bills to pay and a family to mind? Life passed by for 23 years without me having a partner. I didn’t feel any urgency – life seems complete as it is. Until I met a stranger online.


Everyone’s probably had experiences where a stranger beeped them up online. While I would have ignored it, I didn’t know what came over me at that time. Perhaps, it’s the cold weather, the humdrum of life outside my apartment, the twinkling lights that managed to pass through my blinds, or maybe, it’s because it’s Christmas and I am celebrating it with a glass of wine, alone – but I did. I said hello.


And hello turned into a full-out blown laughter 30 minutes later. And minutes turned to hours. And hours turned to days. You know what hooked me to keep talking to this guy? He never asked for anything, not even replies, just to listen to his funny jokes and tell him if I’m laughing. At that time, I felt the same kind of loneliness from him. Wanting, but never needing to find someone.


Who knew such a weird way of talking to someone will finally bloom into a simple union of two souls? As I’m taking a bath in the most luxurious of ways, complete with candles and the best rose oil I can find, I can’t help but reminisce. And now, I still do not believe in the magical unicorns that beat your chest when you’re in love. I just believe in the warmth of his hellos and smiles.