On First Dates and Heartbreaks

Have you ever felt that sudden rush in your veins? How about that loud thud in your chest? If so, cupid is probably working for you. Being in love is probably the best and worst feeling one could ever experience. It could give you a roller coaster ride feel of emotions, extreme happiness or extreme sadness. Whatever phase you are in, whether you are at the peak of being in love or at the downside of experiencing heartbreak, you just have to keep in mind that it is not the end for you and everything is happening for a reason, and that reason is for you to find out.


How to look your best during first dates and after heartbreaks

Preparing yourself for your first date is similar to preparing yourself after the heartbreak. You have to find the best version of yourself. You can start the process by adjusting yourself to the presence of another person or if it is after heartbreak, you have to practice being alone, for now. Both processes undergo a series of what ifs and why nots. It is important to know yourself fully before starting or ending a relationship.


Know how to fix yourself. Remember that starting from now your goal is to capture his/her attention. You do not need to put on heavy makeups just a touch of color will do the work. You can also use Castor Oil for eyelashes to make those eyes talk and get flirty. Whatever you do, be sure that you are doing it for yourself not just for other people. Being the best version of you does not mean changing who you are. It only means that you have to be yourself and nothing more.


Lastly, smile. This is by far the most important tool that you could ever bring. You will never know what that smile can do. Make the most out of it.