Found a Way to Keep the Married Life as Exciting as Ever!

Some of you may think that looks won’t even matter to the person who truly loves you. Well, I can agree to that.. but not entirely. Once you’ve settled into a relationship with the most special person in the world, your drive to impress him/her will grow tremendously. That’s what I’m feeling with my husband of 3 years already. We’ve started dating ever since we were in college. It lasted for good 5 years till we decided to tie the knot a couple of years later after graduating. Never once have I heard him say I look ugly. As cliché as it sounds, he always tells me I look beautiful. I really appreciate it whenever he compliments me like that. But the crazy me took it as a weird challenge. Before I realize it, I get giddy whenever he picks me up at work and I quickly grab any makeup products within my reach before he sees me.

I also stocked my beauty kit with the best hair care products I can haul from the mall of cosmetics and started styling it like crazy. The weird thing is that I feel pretty and the boost that I get from it pushed me to be more positive and happy. Not only that I feel good about myself, but I can also share my happiness and positivity with my husband. I also noticed that my husband starts to pay more attention to our relationship. He started asking me which colors I like. On the next day, I to see him wearing those colors that I’ve told him. He continuously phishes for details about my preferences especially when we’re going on a date or have a nice dinner somewhere. I’ve never been this happy in my relationship except for the moment that I met him and married him.  And yes, being in love can turn you into a cheesy adult.

The bottom line of my story is: never put your best foot forward and pull it back after running out interest. Instead, get to know each other first then strive for being the best partner after knowing if it’s worth the fight. No relationship is boring!