From Zero to Hero

My name is Kevin, 25 years of age, and currently based in South Africa for work. Back home, in Seattle, I fell in love with a girl who used to live next door. This happened around 10 years ago. Every day I used to sit in front of our porch waiting for her to come home from school. This typically involves a few hours of idle time for me. I never went inside our house as I might miss my window of opportunity there. So I lie in wait there, staring at the blank sky. I wait for hours just to get a glimpse of her mesmerizing eyes.


When I get home from school, I usually come running to the bathroom to catch a quick shower, put on my best clothes, and wait for her to notice me. I do this every single day, hoping that she would one day notice me.


One day, I called one of my best friends and asked him to go wait with me outside our house. I have to admit, it gets really boring from time to time. I called a few of my friends over so we can have some kind of stakeout. This went on for a couple of months.


During summer, I went to my grandparents’ place in Ohio for vacation. I thought it’d be nice to grab her a souvenir from the trip. So I bought this cheesy-looking locket from a store nearby. It had a letter ‘M’ engraved on the outside, which happens to be the initial for her name. Oh, and by the way, her name is Marie.


After the vacation, the first thing I planned to do was give her the locket. I finally gathered enough guts to knock on her doorstep and hand it to her. Just like that. I didn’t plan a long speech or left a letter. I’m a man of a few words.


When she opened the door, she had this look that didn’t suggest a hint of joy. Honestly, I thought was going to kill me at first. I freaked out then and there. I was weak on the knees. Not because I was ecstatic or anything. It’s because I was about to implode. So I did what everyone wouldn’t do. I handed her the locket and told her it was for her brother. Then I left.


I believe that was the last day I ever say her. They moved out a few days after that, and then I continued my studies in Seattle. Here I am now, in South Africa, alone and heartless.


However, as I was surfing the web a few months into my work stint here, I came across her profile on Facebook while waiting for my Twin Spin software download to finish. What I saw was the same girl I fell in love with when I was 15. She still had that enticing smile of hers, she looked more mature but more beautiful in a way. So there I was, unconsciously clicking on buttons. Until I hit a red alert. I accidentally pressed the ‘Add friend’ button. A few seconds after, to my shock, she accepted the request. What are the odds that she’d be online the exact time I had performed that blunder?


Another surprise arrived, which came in the form of a comment. She had left a comment on one of my pictures. I replied back then I proceeded to chat her right away. I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. What do I have to lose anyway, right?


From there, everything went smooth. It was the complete opposite of what I was expecting. We had late night conversations, had intimate talks, and funny ones. I definitely didn’t expect this AT ALL. After a few weeks of chatting, she mentioned that she was headed to South Africa in a few weeks. She’d be taking a vacation and she asked me if I could show her around. Without hesitation, I said yes. Then it struck me. I’ve only been here I few weeks. Oh well, I guess this is also a good time for me to know the city better.


I picked her up from the airport and it all went well from there. We were together almost the whole time. I asked her plenty of questions and all of them gave me assurance that she was the one. I had enough courage to tell her that I loved her this time. I told her that I’d have those stakeouts just to get a glimpse of her, told her about the locket, and other things—all that just for her.


Fast-forward to today. We eventually got together, and will be married a few months from today. We’ve been together for more than three years now and still going strong.