A Girl’s Guide to Preparing for An Exciting Date Night


Women love to look good but rarely does one person say that it’s an enjoyable process. There are a lot of effort and time that goes into preparing. Especially during date nights, it’s only common for girls to take at least 2 hours just to look presentable. I used to get stressed during this time that I don’t really enjoy the situation before the date.


But once I learned about these tips from experts, I gradually learned to indulge myself and turn it into a pampering session. If you’re in the same situation, then here are some of the things I’ve picked up over time!


Don’t just cleanse, take a soothing bath. Women need to start on a clean slate, taking their time washing the body in the shower. But you can actually turn it into something enjoyable. Instead of showering, draw a hot bath, use some bath bombs or add some essential oils for a fragrant aroma. I assure you that you will enjoy it!


Feel the luxury of using natural products. Even when there is no instant results and change in using natural products, there’s a luxury feeling that you can actually experience when you try them out. For example, instead of using mascara, I apply some cold pressed castor oil on my lashes to give it a thicker volume. No one knows the difference, and they look completely natural!


Never rush things. Rushing things and feeling the need to be finished before the guy arrives actually adds to your stress. In my case, I a lot at least three hours and go about it slowly, putting some music in the background and just swaying to the rhythm. Sometimes, I even open a bottle of wine and take a sip as I finish from one task to another.


Here are just some of the tips I’ve got for you. Of course, you can tweak these so you can enjoy the process that fits your preferences the best! Don’t worry, whatever you do, your date’s probably going to love how you look.