Language Is A Love Story

Wednesday, 7:30, Bed:


I opened my glassy eyes with a proud feeling of giving rest to my alarm that witnessed a few snooze moments beforehand. It’s crazy to think that I still had to press that tiny button despite being set at 10 in the morning. Why was it set at that time? If someone has set their alarm at that time of the day, trust me that he should be either working for an IT company and no other place.


Getting up early made it possible for me to time in by 9 AM, which is around 2 hours early that what I’m used to. I was the only second employee to reach the office: the first one being the janitor who has one of the two keys to our department. After a while, Ashley, a junior of mine working in a different team entered with her lovely smile and her girl-next-door vibe. Just to mention, I’ve had a huge crush on her ever since she started working here and I always tried to spark a conversation with her but failed after a few attempts. Coming back to work, I continued to solve the mystery of what I was coding the day before. I have this bad habit of not following the norms of coding, but these are something that makes my work more efficiently. Believe me; I’ve tried to follow the system.


Thursday, 9:32, Work:


While my code was going through infinite loops, I almost popped a valve when Ashley came up to me all of a sudden and asked me if I could help her solve her own coding issues. I probably blacked out because the only excuse I could think of was ‘Sorry, I’m in the middle of a huge coding mystery right now, but I can get back to you tomorrow’, for which she agreed with a smile.


Friday, 10:10, Work:


Today’s the big day. My Superbowl. I arrived in the office and found Ashley on her seat. I went up to her to check what part of her code did she get wrong, but before I could even speak, she already thanked me and mentioned that she had it all figured out. But before all of that, she called me ‘Bhaiya’. I think this it’s one of the words from her other native language (apparently she’s half Indian), but I didn’t pay much attention to it.


She also told me that another colleague of hers who helped with the coding problems. Since my curiosity got the best of me, I asked her who helped her. She replied ‘It was Greg from the other department’.


Another big news that was about to crush my entire being was when she told me that they are in a relationship, which all transpired within a couple of days. I wanted to know much about it but didn’t want to seem nosy all at the same time so I let it go. I did my regular rounds on the Internet looking for various write-ups of the local video game news only to find out that a certain Lucky 247 Casino review dominated the web for a few days.


Saturday, 1:16, Work


IT people like myself don’t get a lot of days off, meaning I also have to work over the weekend. Despite my heavy workload, I still had the thoughts of Ashley and what she said to me circling inside my head. I remember she called me ‘Bhaiya’ once and so I had to check what it meant for my own peace of mind. I went to a library and picked up a book only to learn that ‘Bhaiya’ meant big brother.


Moral of the story: Local language outweighs the computer language all day.