Living Up to Online Dating Sparks

One of the drawbacks of online dating is that you always need to be the best version of yourself. From your attractive profile picture to the sassy bio you have to write. To put yourself in a manner of selling your best assets while hiding the defects can be off-putting. But no one thinks like that, especially in the online dating community.


Year 2014 was when I decided I am done with online dating. Only because I found the only man for me. He saw the best even when I am at my worst. It was in the year 2013 when I have exhausted all the pretty bio lines I could have made. It was an exhausting year of always trying to be a person I wasn’t. I even groom my hair before taking my profile picture. I go to great lengths – I use the best castor oil for hair, I find the best spot with natural light, and I take hundreds of pictures before I get satisfied.


One day, I decided that enough was and enough. I thought that if I don’t click well enough with people online, it must be because I wasn’t being real. That afternoon, I wrote in my bio how pretentious I’ve been during the three years I was online dating. I wrote that I don’t shave my legs when I don’t go out wearing a skirt. I even included my love for pizza.


My worst habits become the most attractive aspect for the guy who swiped right. We really connected not because we were both looking for a date then. We talked for hours about how pineapples should never be on pizza and whether milk or cereal should be first. However, this could just be a one time thing if I didn’t follow through with it. There could be a lot of disappointments in his or my part and we could both lose the spark we felt when we were just having casual conversation. But it turns out, that that spark could turn into a big blazing fire.