Love at the Local Store

I used to work as a cashier at a local organic store that sold farm fresh products. There was one male customer that kept coming back to buy different essential and natural oils. I noticed that he bought 5 different kinds of a brand for the same product every Friday. He would buy 5 different brands of rose absolute oil, or 5 different brands of argan oil. I thought it was odd but then again maybe he was just trying to test out the best out of the brands. I had a huge crush on him and I’ve been trying to talk to him for 2 years at that point.


One time I came up to him and asked what he was going to buy this time, and he asked me what I would recommend. Honestly, I thought he was cute. So we got to talk more about the oils he was trying to pick out. His name was Henry and he lived near me. He kept buying essential oils because his mom was creating a blog where she wrote reviews on different oils. We probably didn’t notice the time but my manager sure did. He called me out and I couldn’t even hear him the first few times. When I did, we both said goodbye and I felt giddy because he asked for my number. Then, I went on with my day thinking of how nice and cute he was.


He didn’t call or text in the evening but I tried to look up his mom’s blog but I couldn’t find it. I got really lost in all these reviews and articles about oils. I ended up reading an article still not written by his mother, about castor oil for eyelashes; and my phone rang. It was Henry! I didn’t know what to do but I tried to calm down and speak softly even if I really wanted to scream. He asked me out on a date that night and we talked for hours about our lives.


He and I have been going out for 3 years now and we will be getting married this summer. Love can be found anywhere if you just take that leap. It always starts with a simple hi and hello. I hope you find your true love too.