Love Stories from Then to Now

Have you ever been curious about how your grandparents met? Did your mother use cold pressed Castor Oil to achieve flirty lashes making your dad notice her? Chances are it was not on a dating app that you could swipe right and left to find out who your perfect match is. Love stories from then up to now are changing and these days, you are most likely to meet your significant other on social media, or a dating site or even over a drink in a bar near you. Is the traditional way of courting not a thing now?


Traditional Courtship

Modern-day love stories such as those from the different novels and movies are what women nowadays look for when they search for their other half. Traditional ways of courting practiced in the different parts of the world are officially not a thing these days. You can now easily get into a relationship just by simply sliding through their messages, even if you are a complete stranger to each other. This is one of the reasons why relationships today do not last. Couples lack the sense of knowingness and familiarity to each other. They skip the part wherein they can get to know the little details that could make or break their bond. They are already in the part where they can already feel the connection between the two of them.


Failed relationships happen for so many reasons. Most of you have to consciously work and master the skills to make your own love life flourish. There are many reasons for you to stay in love and vice versa. Love is not just a feeling you invest on for a couple of hours or days. Love is something worth investing on for a lifetime. Find that someone who is most worthy of your lifetime investment.