How to Make Someone Like You

In the world of online dating, there’s more than swiping left or right. Let’s admit it – we judge people first based on their looks. Spend some time on all dating sites and you’ll notice how cutthroat it is. There’s no exception to the rule. If you want to get swiped right, here’s a tip for you: be confident.


Confidence plays a big role in how other people perceive you. Women are more likely to call the attention of a confident man. Same goes for men; however, there are those who get discouraged by seeing a confident woman.


Attracting People with Pleasing Looks

There are statistics showing that people first notice your eyes when looking at you. When choosing a picture to use for an online dating profile, choose one that shows striking and sincere eyes. Use eyeliners or a pure castor oil to grow your lashes if you have to. Just make sure to get your most pleasing angle.


Show confidence in your eyes. Open your eyes just enough to look inviting and warm. Get your full face in the photo as well. Avoid choosing an image where you’re wearing sunglasses or a hat. People will always want to see you fully.


How Confidence Catches Attention

Being confident means showing all you’ve got – in a modest way. Be proud of your best features, whether it’s your eyes, lips, or hair. By feeling comfortable in your own skin, you wouldn’t feel desperate to call attention to yourself, thus getting responses from the right people.


Confidence is a mirror of how you will handle things in a relationship too. People are more likely to envision a future with a confident person that will make the relationship fun and easy for them. By being confident, you also show potential partners that you know how to take care of yourself.