Pulling off the Best Wedding Anniversary

I wanted to impress my husband for our anniversary date next month and of course, I want to look good. I know some of you may think that love does not need to look on the physical appearance. This is true.. if you and your partner are still in the early stages of your relationship. But if you’re already settled in, it’s time to step up the game and impress each other more. Besides, feeling good about yourself can also help you boost a little bit of your confidence and grab more opportunities for yourself. But going back to my story, I just want to share with you guys what I did to impress my husband.


I’ve been stressing out with work in these past months because of the heavier responsibility and work load. Most of the time I find it difficult to afford the time to pamper myself up with beauty care products. My husband always reassures me that I’m still beautiful and he even finds it cute whenever I’m in my pajamas.


I’ve decided to grab a few products and experimented with things. The first product that I really liked is the dead sea mud mask. Yes, the product is indeed time-consuming but I can just use it for once a week and expect the same results with 10 pieces of skin care products. The dead sea mud benefits for skin are amazing. I didn’t really need a bunch of other skin care products because of the dead sea mud benefits. I’ve used the product for two weeks now and I’ve already seen promising results. My husband also began to notice some changes and I’m really glad. All I have to do on our anniversary is just go to a salon and have them put makeup on me.


What I start to appreciate now is that pampering yourself and making yourself beautiful is something that you do if you want to feel confident and good about yourself. Impressing your husband or your partner in the process is just a bonus of it.


That’s all! I really am excited for our anniversary next month. Wish me luck!