The Road to Building Confidence and Self-Love

I used to think that breakups might be because there’s something wrong with me. To love wholly and suddenly lose that is a punch to the ego. It affects your self-confidence and sometimes even your perception of what love is. You ask yourself millions of questions but one that is always in the front of your mind would be, “Am I not enough?”


Before I finally destroy myself, I managed to stand up again and gain confidence. I came up to the realization that love is not just something to give to others. Before you fully learn to make someone feel like they deserve that love, you must first make it so you’re confident in giving without expecting it in return.


Being comfortable in your own skin is the first step to building that confidence. What’s wrong with feeling and looking pretty? Before, I didn’t really pay attention to how I look. I believed that if people are going to love me, they might as well accept me for who I am. But thing is, once I started using beauty products, I felt really good.


I noticed that using eyeliners or putting on a lip balm is a service that I’ve been doing to myself. It felt a little like pampering. And that in itself is such a huge boost in my confidence. Once I change how I treat myself, I noticed an improvement even in how I feel, think, and move. Who knew that a simple change could bring such a big impact?


There’s also a change in how people reacted towards me. They were more accepting and even went out of their way to compliment me. This made it easier for me to try dating again. I’ve been to online dating sites and even let my friends introduce me to some of the people they know. This is the beginning of a new journey for me so wish me luck!