Self-Awareness and Loving One’s Self

Some people do not understand why we seek love.  There are individuals who only feel happy and complete when they’re beside someone. But when you have all the things you could ask for and still feel lonely, maybe it’s time to reconsider if you’re investing in the right relationship, career, or love.


Dates gone wrong may traumatize a person and set them to fear the worst in similar situations. It affects the future and may even bring some people to avoid dating in general. During this time, what we need is not to find another immediate partner. Our soul needs to heal. We need to indulge ourselves – give and feel the love whether it is from friends, family, or ourselves.


Becoming Self-Aware

Being self-aware does not mean finding who you really are or the meaning to your existence. It just means that you need to know what you need and separate it from what you want. We often crave what we can’t have when all we need have always been around us.


Use this time to know yourself again. Recalibrate your perceptions. Treat yourself to pampering sessions – perhaps like, sipping wine in the bath, smoothing over rose oil for skin, finishing those unopened books, or bathing in a fragrant atmosphere.


Loving Yourself

Experts say that we first need to learn to love ourselves before we can love other people or it may lead to feelings of possession. When you love yourself enough, you will feel assured and let them be who they are. Insecure people tend to get manipulative and restrictive. They fear that other people may leave them or cheat on them.


Having confidence and self-awareness does not only help you but also the people around you. Becoming the master of your emotions is the way to be free from any self-doubt or fear of disappointment.