Showing Love One Step At A Time

Jade came round to spend the night. I hadn’t seen her for a few weeks, and I was shocked when she got here. It was obvious that she was looking pale as her color resembled a lighter shade of gray.


She told me she had not been able to get some proper shut-eye for the past few weeks as there were too many thoughts circling around her head. She had been immersed in work for too many hours, and she had been to hospital visiting ant the sum of it all had simply brought her to her knees.


I knew the solution. First I got her to sit down while I made her coffee.


She sat and she hugged the mug as I went to the bathroom. Hot water in the bath, candles lit around the edge of the tub, partnered with fine smelling bubbles. By the time she trailed into the bathroom, everything was ready to go. I accompanied her as she climbed into the tub. She was all but asleep on her feet, so I hope all the warmth will give her at least a bit of strength. She lay there with heavy-lidded eyes, short of energy to talk or even say a word. I left her there for some quiet time while I did some Royal Vegas hunting of my own to pass the time. I could feel the tension around her body. She was too stiff. This was a first time for me so I tread lightly.


By the time she left I could feel that a bit of tension was released. I had a huge towel waiting for her, helping her to dry off. I carefully, gently, and slowly rubbed her dry. I set up more candles to scent the room. Eventually, she was ready. She put on a new set of clothes; I dried and brushed her hair. I didn’t mind if she got the pillows wet.


She brushed her teeth as I fixed the covers. She then dragged herself into the bedroom and I caught her, laying her down slowly and covering her over. I hadn’t switched any of the lights on so it was total darkness covering us both. I got in beside her, cuddling behind her, one arm around wrapped around her shoulders.


We lay in total silence, barely a few words spoken, and soon she had gone to sleep. I made sure she was well away and got up and left her, hopefully until the sun rises.