Tackling Distance One Step At A Time

She’s from San Jose, California, and he lives more than 6000 miles away somewhere in Serbia. However, the distance between these two individuals is not the unusual aspect of their relationship. In fact, long distance relationships are not a rare sight nowadays. What makes their story interesting is that they met in the most unlikely of places; a close-know malware research and removal website. At that point, she didn’t know about the man who would eventually become her significant half, other than he spoke perfect English, and others on the forum teasing him for being a Serbian and his odd love for the casino bonus features of Lady Lucks.


It was five years ago when the two were talking in a chatroom on the website, and the topic transitioned from music all the way to their other interests; something that many couples bond over.


They both found a shared love for Jimi Hendrix. The two shared links to music while chatting over A few days later, he sent a guitar cover of him playing Bold as Love over skype which he recorded. They talked a lot that evening, and did the next day, and the day after that. They stayed up all night talking about everything.


Initially, they took things slow, but the feelings they developed for each other became too strong to deny.


She started to fall for him hard after only a few months of talking, in which they sent each other care packages. She sent him a box of chocolates, while he sent her a copy of her favorite Jimi Hendrix Experience album, along with a sweet note.


They fell in love, and the connection between the two grew stronger and stronger. They seem to be perfect for each other.


Since then, they’re looking to bridge the gap, and are working out who will be the one to immigrate. She worries that she won’t be able to handle the language barrier to make the move out there. On the other hand, he speaks perfect English but isn’t too keen to get accustomed to the US culture.


But until then, they continue to manage. The distance is difficult, but they were able to keep the flame between their relationship.


‘I honestly would be lying if I said that we can easily overcome the distance. The truth is it’s hard to manage these barriers between our relationship. We crave being together, near each other, and this requires tremendous amounts of patience, which the two of us are more than willing to go through. We both want to wait.’