Teachings of Love

In August 2014: in the sharp scorching heat of summer, I had just moved to a new house and arrived in my tutorial class. There I discovered teachings that were very interesting and puzzling at the same time. As I had to move boxes and boxes of my stuff into my new house, it took me a few days before I could settle down. During those days I used to arrive at the class with a shirt drenched in sweat.


Once my move finally settled down, I was able to get to class a few minutes earlier. According to my observations, there were at least 300 students in my class and the air conditioning was an issue that everyone seems to be having trouble with. I know it was difficult for everyone to endure the class at the time. However, it was then and there, when a girl put up with all the conditions with a smile, walking as if she were on a runway, entered the room. She waved to a friend of hers who was sitting a few seats away from where I was.


Honestly, I would not pay attention to anyone there as I was too immersed in my studies. But I took a few second off to appreciate her beautiful face. She deserves everyone’s attention. Other than her looks, she had an attention-grabbing attitude that’s enough to make anyone’s heart melt. It seems like it was very intrinsic for her. She was a definite class act, that’s for sure.


I was too involved in my studies that I took one of the top spots in class. I even surprised myself when this happened. It was one day when I was teaching a fellow student about a metaphor we were discussing in class when a girl walked up to me and asked if I had a medical background. She lightly tapped my shoulder and asked the question. It was she, the apple of my eyes, standing a few feet away from me. I must’ve given her the idea that I had a medical background because of the terms I used while explaining the metaphor.


It was our first conversation when we were about to leave class. She asked my how old I was and I asked her the same question. After this, we’d have small talks before and after class. Thankfully, she was only a few seats away from me. She’d sometimes sit next to me, and we’d talk about the lessons.


Once in a while, I’d be browsing on my laptop checking out various insights regarding our current lessons. As I was doing so, pop-ups of Winner Casino no deposit bonus advertisements came from time to time. What I didn’t realize is that she’d be watching me as I read through the articles. At one point, she even asked me if I was about to engage in online gambling during class because of that pop-up.


Occasionally, we’d meet outside of class to discuss some of the topics she’d missed. She has a part time job so she missed a few classes once in a while. I volunteered to teach her the lessons that she missed so she could catch up. This is where I got to know her better. However, these sessions became more frequent as she missed more classes.


To be continued…