The Tinder Spark That Happened Unexpectedly

I’m one of the few people who used Tinder just to get a random hookup. I like browsing faces and pretty girls, and thanks to Tinder, I get to do it during my downtime from college projects and the like.


When I matched with Jane, I found out that her profile description included a quote from my favorite basketball player. Lucky for me it wasn’t the entire quote. Naturally, the first message I sent her was the remaining phrase to the quote. She liked that because she knew I was at least familiar with the writer which she and her family are obsessed with. Again, luck was on my side and those first words earned me gold coins right away.


After a few weeks of chatting and mutual friends doing the ground work for me, I was able to convince Jane to go out on a date with me. I asked her to go out for dinner and she actually ditched me.


Apparently, her parents were unhappy about the whole Tinder shebang. A few weeks prior meeting her, she actually hung out with a dude she met on tinder and she was grounded for disobeying her parents. It’s actually funny how she still gets grounded despite recently graduating college.


After never hearing from her for a few weeks, I received a text from a random number as I was punching my Titan Casino login details. To my surprise, it was Jane who texted me. I didn’t have her number saved on my phone after the ditching incident.


A few conversations have passed, I was surprised when she asked me to come watch a basketball game with her and her family. Apparently, they’re huge followers of the NCAA basketball league and she couldn’t just take someone who knew jackshit about the sport.


Jane and I were actually dating other people at the time so we treated the date more as just to enjoy rather than a potential partner sort of thing. On top of that, since her parent’s hated tinder, she introduced me as her best friend’s friend.


Needless to say, it was probably the best first date. We spent the entire night laughing, cheering, and dancing together. I loved how easily I could talk with her and feel comfortable from the get-go.


More than one hundred dates have gone, and possibly millions of text messages and hours spent on phone calls, I decided to pull the trigger. Between our almost 2-year relationship was a 5-month internship that parted us for a while. However, we didn’t let that get in between of what we have. If anything, it actually strengthened our relationship.


Upon returning to my hometown, I was given an opportunity to work for an advertising firm and took it. A few days past, I proposed to Jane at the place where we had our second date. Technically it was still the first place minus the fact that I proposed outside of the basketball arena.