Why Trusting Yourself Can Attract All the Best People

Being single does not always mean that you are lonely. Back then, my mentality was there is no need for makeup and all those kinds of vanity. I wasn’t dating anyone and I was really bitter. I’m an emotionally driven person and my last relationship really packed a punch on my confidence.


I found myself ugly and all my insecurities just came crashing onto me. I started focusing more on work to the point that my whole being just became dull and toxic. I also gained a few pounds in the process. It also didn’t help that my parents are Asian and they have really strict discipline on watching the body weight. In some twisted sense, the pressure pushed me to drop the extra few pounds I gained. Though I don’t really recommend to draw out your motivation from pressure so try to keep your confidence intact. I guess I took a lucky shot since it worked for me. One of the probable reasons why it worked is that I chose to go with yoga. I just looked up some yoga tutorials on Youtube and started doing it for the whole month diligently.


True enough, I started feeling lighter and gradually dropped the unhealthy extra weight I’ve gained. I explored my way back to makeup and hair care treatments like essential oils. I’m an avid fan of yoga and so I really like Shiny Leaf essential oils for my beauty routine. After picking myself up, I just suddenly felt more confident about myself. The lesson I learned from this phase of my life is that learning to trust your own guts can welcome the best people you could ever find in the world. I may not found my soulmate yet, but I’ll surely do considering the fact I’ve gained people in my life whom I can fully trust. And this all came from having confidence in yourself!