Vanity Blossoming Into A Harmonious Love

As a man who used to have a low confidence, I’ve been having a hard time admitting to people about my vanity. People are easy to judge once they found out that I’ve been using moisturizers on my skin every night. It seems to lower my appeal as a man.  Which is why I’ve restrained myself from sharing about my endeavors to other people.


Even as I regained my confidence and became comfortable in my own skin, there still seemed to be a little doubt within myself. Is using skin care products or beard oil for growth of sleek facial hair I can be proud of, such a sin, even as a man? I didn’t understand the double standards back then.


But then, you’ll realize that it will always be just you who’s been stopping yourself from achieving something. I expanded my horizons and met this wonderful girl who’s been encouraging me that there’s nothing wrong with being vain as a man. In fact, some of the things I know could be helpful to other people.


She encouraged me to open up to the world and share my experience to inspire others to do the same. And who’d guess that we’ve only met at an online dating site? Our first topic’s even skin care and when I thought that she’d think I’m not manly enough, she asked for my Facebook account. It was both awkward and surprising. I was expecting her to reject me.


As time went on, we both explored our feelings for each other and even the world that lies beyond personal care. It was such a pleasure to find a friend and a partner in one person. I found out that my vanity’s not something to be embarrassed about. It’s just an evidence that I know how to take care of m myself well.