Where Love Must Start

There are all forms of love. Online dating helped us meet various people. It certainly made lives more colorful, more exciting. It entwined the paths of people who were never supposed to meet. We meet all kinds of people and fall in love numerous times in one lifetime. But love slowly loses its meaning and the beauty that it entails.


Every definition of love speaks of beauty and an abstract that transcends the value of words. We’ve grown to claim to love someone without meaning it. To find love is one of the greatest journeys in your life. But when time and destiny fails to satisfy, when love is as fleeting as seconds, maybe it’s time to rediscover where it starts.


Heartbreak and millions of questions rooting from self-doubt will make me reassess my definition of love. I built myself from the ground up. Lonely nights turned into solitude. I treated myself to pleasure. I indulged in pampering sessions – a good book coupled with some favorite essential oils. I accepted my flaws but also sought to change myself for the better. Even daily showers turned into a luxury – using castor oil for hair growth and body butter for a younger skin.


I found that loving myself comes first before offering your feelings to someone else. Being grounded and knowing where I stand made me stronger, and better at accepting and understanding that not all people believe in the same kind of love. But if there’s one thing that stays, it is your need to find and rediscover love and its entirety.


Love always starts from the inside. You are full of it. Brimming until you’re overflowing. It is a bud that blossoms when you dedicate it to someone else. And until that time comes, that love is yours to spend.