Why Is Love Better To Be Found?

Love is not something you should look for. It is not like your misplaced house keys or the cellphone left in bed after a good night ‘sleep. Unlike all things that you need to find, love is something that finds you. Now, do not get me wrong. I am not a person that hungrily wants to be loved at the time I learned this lesson. I am extremely loved by my family and I could never wish for anything more than that not until this one faithful day.


I was in college when I already set my eyes on the man I want to love. As I make my way down the halls to my next class, I saw him and suddenly the world felt as if it froze for a moment. I was drawn to his warm tan skin color, curly hair, and mysterious eyes. Then the world suddenly resumed to its normal rotation when I saw him holding the hand of the love of his own.


I was heartbroken but that never stopped me from admiring him. We eventually became classmates and great friends. At that time, his first love already had given up on him and he was left with none. You might be thinking that this could be my chance but I did not took it. I looked for a different love that I thought would make me happy – and I did. However, the love I found did not last.


While I was in the shower, massaging my favorite castor oil for hair, I thought how wrong I was to look for love. Months have passed and nothing has quite changed. I found myself having breakfast in our school’s cafeteria one day until a familiar voice greeted me with such bliss. He spoke some words that made my heart flutter. He said, “There you are! You were right here all along. It’s been so long but I finally found you.”


He was once the love I looked for and now he is the love that found me.